What freedom of speech really means

Dear readers,

I would like to inform you about a little social experiment I am trying to conduct – it has no catch and no benefit for me, only a big one for you.

Often times I hear an argumentation made with a simple conclusion of “I am allowed to speak what I want.”, very good, but how about the people that actually need to use this argument, those not part of the majority?

I am sure within our families and social circles we have at least one friend that is not a part of the status-quo – a Trump supporter, a Brexit advocate, a socialist, a feminist or not… or simply someone without a classic liberal school of thought worldview or a popular one at the moment. I know that, because I have many around me and we often fight, yet it never occurred to me that they wish they could tell me that freedom of speech means respecting their views as well. A bit hypocritical right?

I feel like a lot of people in this world cant say out loud what they think, because they are surrounded by others that perceive their thoughts as not worthy of debating upon or not making sense enough. I am not talking about those individuals that spill hateful comments online, bully and mistreat, but those that simply support a view of a minority. This distress causes misunderstanding about what our society is composed of and about what kinds of people we are.

Thus, I want to create a positive environment, where in the form of the comment section I have down below, you can share with me a political or philosophical view you have that you feel ashamed of speaking about in front of the general audience around you.

I want to encourage all of my friends that believe in something else to write it, get it off your chest, who knows? Maybe someone else shares your view! Spread this comment box, share it and let’s unite to become a bit more human and respectful of what freedom of expression and speech really means. Because often times, what the general opinion is, is not at all what formulates the reasoning of many others.
I cannot stress enough the importance to talk and share. I have heard many of my close friends falling into depression because they often oppress their views inside of them, not wanting to offend someone, but this can be very harsh especially for young individuals such as all of my friends on here and beyond.
Thank you!
– Joanna Koleva
(NB: Comments are moderated by me, anything truly hurtful won’t be tolerated and deleted – you can state your point without being a bully. )

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Martina says:

    Joanna, you’re one of the most inspirational young people I’ve seen.


  2. x says:

    I am black and do not understand the context of the “Black oscars”. If we haven’t made a good movie, why do we claim a prize based on our race? Doesnt this make us racist as well?


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