You can’t always get what you want

Or can you?

The thing about politics that has been rooted from the beginning of time is that it divides people. Presumably nothing new here- a winning side, and a losing one- sometimes by majority, sometimes by a few. But what has changed throughout years is not the factor of outcomes, but that of how it leads to them. If in the past the general public generated attention towards a certain candidate and his ethics, career-path and humanitarian causes, today, as it was proven to all of us last night, the ‘underdogs’ emerge as popular amongst those voices.

The mother, who is working late-night shifts and wants a better future for herself and her family is mesmerised by a presumably perfect maternity leave plan and is inclined to ignore sexist comments.
The father, who lives in a remote province and does not have a Facebook account, nor checks the internet response out, has been disappointed about the Clinton government and thus decides to vote for a new candidate, whose ideas seem okay.
The teenager, who finds inspiration in Trump’s radical ideas, is too ashamed to admit it in front of his/her friends who openly support Clinton and speak about his bigotry.

I am not talking about the people we see on rallies. Those people are different- you do not hear about them, but they exist. America is not composed out of celebrities, Facebook groups and feminist and democratic movements – it has a population of 320 million people, and that is excluding those who live abroad. It is easy to openly campaign and preach whatever you want in front of the masses, but it is a different reality when you are left alone, anonymously to vote for a certain candidate. And this is, as one of my best friends said, when all the people whose stories you do not hear on social media reveal their biggest desires.

Truth is, there is no point to speak about revenge – reality is that the majority of the United States elected Donald Trump to be their president- democratically. And this happened despite the media backlash, despite the scandals and despite his aggressive and rampant campaign that focused on views that have never been a part of the agenda of the United States.

You can’t always get what you want. Hillary Clinton was undoubtedly the candidate with more experience- lawyer, former secretary of state, former first lady and primarily- a woman whose voice resonated in all of us who supported her until the end. But we do not make up the whole United States, and we, most certainly underestimated the power of the underdogs.

I stand with all of you, my fellow Americans, and I hope despite all, we will be able to preserve this country as good as it was left.

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