Heavy is the head that wears the crown

A million questions are going around people’s heads, yet a fundamental one is often left out. What is the price of greatness? It sounds relatively mediocre, but because of its negligence, we are facing dooms in all categories- from cutting off ties with loved ones, to incompetent politicians’ destructive force that is endangering the face of the earth. No matter if you are a 16 year old teenager, or someone of higher authority running for president of one of the most powerful nations of the world (no hints here, I swear), I personally hope this does resonate in your head from time to time. We all have a role in this world, and sometimes, it might be very important and can put us into a position where we will be influencer, but this is not necessarily good, it simply serves as a beware sign.
Being an influencer in the 21st century is much more complex because it hides more risks than it implies personal or collective gains. This is largely due to the fact that if in the past, influencers were considered to be renowned writers, painters and composers, nowadays, with the emergence of social media, everyone can be an influencer. Even I was an influencer some years ago, and to be honest with you, it terrified me at times. Obviously the attention I was getting was flattering, but just the thought that younger girls were looking at what I did and making it a part of their lifestyle made me question every word I said and every advice I gave. This is in fact one of the many responsibilities that you have to undertake when you want to become an “it” figure- being cautious. It is an overwhelming feeling knowing that even for a single person you don’t know-you matter, it means that your positions and ideas have spread out to strangers, thus this implies they have to be good. On the flip side of the coin, however, it might take time to establish yourself as a good “pastor”, but leading your sheep on the wrong path can cause chaos and transform you from a leader to an untrustworthy persona. What is worse, sheep can sometimes go blind, they can neglect the little cracks on the path they are lead through, mosquitos might bite them, but they will think it is the strong sun that shines that makes them feel this way. Eventually, the pastor might delude himself as well, thinking that he is in fact handling things the right way, so in the end, the group will collectively be left with the the consequences of the bad decisions made by the leader, and a lesson to learn for the followers- always question what you are being told. Unfortunately, this serves as an example of what the modern political sphere consists of.

While some people are quite ethical in their means, not everyone will be. As soon as you realise that not all that is described as “good means” is in fact the best option, the more calm you will be throughout the decision-making process in your head. It is again very two-sided. When you are working in the international sphere and you are a politician- what you say and what you do, just like the pastor and sheep example, can have a significant and dreadful impact on the lives of people. On the other hand, we are being daily observers of the politicians’ mistakes and are criticising them on all grounds, when in fact, we are the ones that are allowing those mistakes to happen in the first place. Hillary Clinton. Are we, women, really taking her as an example of a feminist? The woman who perpetually violated the rights of women who were said to have had sexual affairs with her husband? I find myself thinking about how she refused to interfere in Benghazi after all the mess she made, then I remember how she avoided testifying against court and as much as it pains me to say it, I do not want this woman to be the representative body of not only the United States, but on behalf of the whole women in politics standpoint and women in general. Yet no one questions her motives, because “she is Bill Clinton’s wife” “she won’t deport the Mexicans” and “she wants equality”, oh really? As I am a true supporter of democracies and people’s rights to form their own opinion and standpoints, I can simply not neglect the issue we are facing with too many sheep wandering without a proper guidance, because they fail to recognise all the faults, along all the promises that have been made. What I can not do is.. I can not be angry. It is not their fault.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Not only because you are taking the responsibility to be an influencer that will shape the future of millions of people, but because you are obliged to an even greater responsibility- facing consequences. Now, in my home town-Sofia, the struggle to find examples of people that did not forget about the aftermath of their actions, ..is very real! Bulgaria is the poorest country in the European Union, our maximum wage is equal to other nations’ minimal, even without the currency conversion! We also hold the record for the longest protest, which is a very positive piece of information, and although I did not agree with the protest itself, I was proud to be Bulgarian in this moment (one of those very rare moments, very, very rare, mind you!), because as a nation we stood up for something we believed in and succeeded.

Dear Influencers, wear your crown with both pride and care, for it is heavy, and greatness might get you down.


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