The power of the female

History tells us empowering stories about popular women’s movements, largely due to an abundance of restrictions and absence of rights all across the globe. We are familiar with the popular works of Barbara Hutchins and Alice Clark, have read about the suffragettes and are inspired day by day to speak out loud about the hardships […]

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The psychology of safety

Everything is not what it seems, in other words, reality appears more violent and discouraging than ever, despite the efforts of various organisations to prove to us “The successful development of the millennium goals”. However, in the aftermath of what has been a devastating year for our planet, I refrain from openly criticising security, mostly […]

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Breaking Through a man’s world

Stereotypes have formed us and continue to do so for centuries now- whether they are racial, gender based or look-wise, they might be fundamentally different, however they result in producing the same outcome, specifically foster anxiety and insecurity. Being blind (not differentiating) on the other hand, proves to be an emerging pattern which is alarming […]

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Slim shaming: the ugly truth

I feel like these days all we are surrounded by is curvy people complaining they are being verbally tortured by the society and I’m starting to get tired out of instagram motivation to “eat what you want” and “be happy and love your curves”.Not because I do not appreciate every human being and certainly not […]

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